Harrisburg Story Slam: An Always-Sold-Out Good Time

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Let us quite literally set the stage for you (many ongoing thanks to our Production Manager, Brian!): it’s a pleasant Wednesday evening in our beautiful city.  You’ve got your coveted, always-sold-out Story Slam ticket (I mean, it was only $8 when you purchased in advance, plus you get a free drink with it thanks to the Hilton) and you arrive at the Harrisburg Hilton Hill Society. You’re greeted by smiling Whitaker Center staff, who are ready to check your name off a list, and even more ready for you to sign up to tell a story (no, you don’t have to, but c’monnnnn).

The themes vary: we’ve already covered “The First Time”, “I’ve Been Fooled” and “Sh*t My Mom Says” in 2018. We’re still looking forward to “Planes, Trains and Automobiles”, “I’m not as Think as You Drunk I Am” and more this season.

Story Slam fans have likened the events to “really in-depth people-watching” and “the best combination of strangers and stories”. Some stories are hilarious (that one time Mike got fooled into thinking he’d won millions of dollars on an office lottery ticket), some stories are hard to listen to (when TJ’s girlfriend broke up with him because her father found out he was black) and all of the stories are true.


Haven’t been able to make it to a Harrisburg Story Slam yet? Like I tell everyone who attends, if you want to attend the next one, I highly recommend purchasing your ticket in advance. I wasn’t being facetious in the least when I said “your coveted, always-sold-out” ticket. We can’t wait to meet you, to hear your story or just enjoy your company as part of the audience. Just remember that this event is strictly 21+ because so are free libations 🙂

To read more about all of the upcoming Slams, please visit our website at whitakercenter.org/story-slam

See you on June 6th!


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